Montag, 10. Dezember 2018

Armor progress

the armor parts aren´t finished yet. there are so many parts still to build...

now i am waiting for the foam yoga mats. i hope to get them sliced into half, to get a 5 mm sheet instead of a 10 mm version, which would be far to thick for the costume. i think with a 10 mm thickness, i can´t move me legs and arms anymore. LOL

when i get everything done at work today as planned, there will be a time window of 1,5 hours this evening... time to build the second set of foot covers and maybe more.

and one more thing; my oldest daughter doens´t know a thing about it; she has the right height to wear a storm trooper armor... so i will build another set of parts for her size... the helmet is already here! it´s an anovos version from ep7:

picture will follow