Dienstag, 23. Juli 2019

Four round panels

my son made a prining file for four round panels to be printed at the same time.

pic will follow

i hope, that their surface will be better than feared...

Freitag, 19. Juli 2019

Coming up...my next project

the two last droids not yet finished, i already plan to build the next one.

it is the BD-1 Droid.

here is a pic of it:

54 cm in height, this little guy has some parts looking similar to my r2 astromech unit.

this little guy is from a star wars computer game called "the old republic; fallen order".

the files to print the parts are already downloaded, but i will focus now on my nurse droid finish. after that the D-O droid mus tbe done too.

and then...it´s already x-mas i think...LOL episode 9 troop in our local cinema... 

Nurse droid main body

the last days my son created some files for the nurse droid for me. he placed via tinkercad the round panel into the main body shell. and it worked great!!

this little guy is still 12 years old, but his skills are impressive!! a new padawan!!!

here are some pics of the printing process:

pic will follow