Dienstag, 21. November 2017

Rey´s Blaster

i got this blaster months ago, but didn´t managed it to finish this project. now was the time to do this!

with the new star wars film coming in a few weeks, we, my daughter and me, getting in a state of weirdness, finishing the new rey costume for her.
the leather holster is in production, the blaster wasn´t. so getting the parts out of the box and lets get it started!
the parts were from a guy in sweden. the price was ok, so i ordered it.

first of all sanding, then a primer job was necessary.

after this a coat of silver base paint for the metal look was applied.

The grip parts were painted in black, too. Plus two layers of a clear coat.

a coat of dull black was painted with a small brush into the gaps and the square areas.
the next step was applying some toothpaste into the painted gaps. another coat of silver was painted over the parts.
after the parts were dry, i brushed the toothpaste under flushing water out of the gaps.
playing around with dull black from the spray can with wiping it away using a towel was necessary to get a used look. some light metallic blue for the front end of the gun and i was ready!

and here is the result:


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