Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017

BB-8 Droid

A new project!
This lifesize bb-8 has a mixture of an inner "rollcage"; lasercutted aluminum parts and 3d printed parts.
They are forming a highly solid base.
Here you can see it; Trillions of tiny screws and nuts are holding the structure together.

Preparing the outer sheets; sanding and one of several layers of primer/filler we're applied on the outer shell parts.

Don't ask; the fourth one is damaged.
The outer sheets are 3d printed parts, as well is the dome.

Next step was to get the small printed parts into the dome. Tricky, but successful in the end!
The first outer panels we're fixed onto the inner frame structure:

Looks like a real Droid now...  :)

And He can 'talk' now...

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