Samstag, 16. Dezember 2017

Cinema Troop

yesterday we went to the local cinema for the troop, organized by a local radio station and the cinema itself.
they invited us for a troop beginning at 6.p.m. unfortunately there was a big car accident on a main crossing inside the city and we almost got too late for the show.
we only had 5 minutes for changing clothes and ran into the cinema, where already all the spectators were waiting for us.
3 minutes for a short interview with the radio crew and we were out of the room so the people could see the film!

the time after that was a little bit more "relaxing". i built up the display having r2-t4 and bb-8 in the middle.

our team was great and we had (as always) a big time! (picture above shows my daughter in the episode 8 costume) the people were great, we made some funny and stunning pics! later, a woman from the radio station interviewed us and got on air the next morning in the local radio.   

by the way; these porgs are really everywhere!!!

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